Organically aesthetic, hand-formed wreath from willow branches, made with a combination of seasonal dried and foraged flowers and greenery.  They will fill your space with elements of the outdoors and welcome guests to your home.

Handwoven Vine Wreath

  • Wreaths are a welcoming feature for guests to your home at all times of the year.  They can adorn your front door or reside indoors and bring elements of nature in all year round.  I hand form the base of the wreaths and work with seasonal greenery and dried flowers to create unique pieces.

    These wreaths will last months and even years if provided with proper care. They should ideally be kept out of direct sunlight and kept in a relatively dry place for best care.  If dust collects, I recommend using a hair drier on a gentle cool setting to clean it.   

    Please note, they generally take 1-2 weeks to create.  However, if you need your order to arrive on a specific date please reach out to me directly.

    Diameter ranges from 12-14 inches.

Tel: 226-820-5454

Location: Guelph, ON

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