Everlasting Floral Art

+ Installations

One of my favourite ways to celebrate and surround myself with nature's beauty (other than spending time outside), is to collect beautiful stones, foliage, flowers, and other treasures in altars around my house.  Over the years, I realized that these tiny artifacts held such an energetic healing potential in my home, that I started channeling them into wall art, home decor, and even accessories.  

If you'd like to bring elements of nature into your home, retail space, office, or studio, I'd be honoured to create a custom large scale installation, signature GBD floral moon, floral crown, or arrangement for you or your loved ones.


Otherwise, if you'd like to exercise your creative muscle and try your hand at dried or fresh floral art by hosting a workshop, please reach out!   

Everlasting Installations

Starting at $400

Custom everlasting installations are one of my absolute favourite things to conceptualize and create.  Created with sustainable practices, and as many sustainable components as possible, these long-lasting floral art pieces add wow factor to any space - residential or business. With the proper [minimal] care, they will last several years. 


As each space and piece varies, please contact me for a free consultation and quote.

dried fluffy pastel ethereal floral cloud installation with butterflies hanging in shop window
pastel peach, lilac, pink and white dried flowers crafted into moon shaped wall art

Custom Everlasting Art

One of my favourite things about using flowers and foraged treasures as a medium is that each ingredient is unique.  This means that no two pieces of art will ever be the same - and that's exactly way I like it.  Variation and evolution are constants in nature, and they form the basis of my everlasting creations.  From wall hangings inspired by antique textiles, to everlasting arrangements, bouquets, accessories, and energetically-enhancing art inspired by earth + sky, all art and accessories are made to order and fully customizable.  


I am always learning and exploring with my creativity, and I truly believe creative endeavors are the best soul food.  Since my home studio does not currently accommodate space for workshops, you'll find that I collaborate a lot with local business to bring them to our communities!  I'll provide all the tools, materials and instruction and you'll get to take home something beautiful made by you. 

If you're a business wanting to host a workshop, interested in collaborating, or are interested in a private event, please reach out. 

woman hand-tying dried neutral bouquet of flowers