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Our herbology and lunar astrology-based wellness venture, Astrobloom by GBD is launching over the course of 2021!  Astrobloom will empower the modern conscious witch to recognize and care for their lunar self to balance energy and tune into their inherent magick. By doing so, they will courageously live their authentic truth and connect to their life purpose authentically, manifesting the life they deserve.

So...Why lunar astrology?

As an astrological force, the moon distributes cosmic energies throughout our birth charts (the positioning of the planets when we were born). Further, as she moves through the zodiac, Luna reflects the energies of the sun, stars, and planets in our every day and night. Thus, our ability to access, shape, and interact with energy is defined by how we relate to the moon – through our lunar selves (our natal moon). 


Meanwhile, in transformational astrology, our natal moon represents our authentic selves and what we need to feel emotionally secure.  While traditional horoscopes usually focus on the sun sign, which represents our consciousness and how we live out our life purpose, the sun is actually the [often imperfect] expression of our authenticity.  Just like the Moon in the sky, our natal Moon reflects the light of our Sun, our life purpose, and tells us how we live out that purpose in the physical realm. Therefore, unless we understand our lunar selves, we cannot authentically connect to our life purpose.


If you are interested in connecting to your authentic self, learning how to tap into your magick, understanding what you need to feel emotionally secure, and how to connect with your life purpose, Astrobloom is officially taking bookings for 1 on 1 Nurture Your Moon readings (below).  

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Nurture Your Moon 

60 min session - $140

Are you feeling out of touch with your true self and confused about your journey?  Do you feel stuck and like you are not living your life in flow?  Do you wish to understand what you need to feel safe, secure and fulfilled?  Are you interested in learning how to practice better self care and balance your energy levels?

If you answered yes, then it’s time to dive deep into understanding your authentic self and your soul’s purpose.


About my journey

As a nature worshipper and green witch, the holistic approach to well-being has always called to me.  Through exploring alternative ways of healing myself from chronic health imbalances and mental health struggles, I found my path to balance was rooted in my life-long passion for the earth and sky.  


When I really dove deep into astrology and herbalism, everything finally made sense; the three signs traditionally associated with healing (Virgo - naturopathic, Scorpio – magick + shadow work, and Pisces – compassion + acceptance) were ironically the defining pillars of my birth chart (my sun, rising, and moon sign).  


Understanding this about myself has empowered me to change my relationship to self and others, gain clarity about my life purpose, and rediscover my authentic self, which was pruned away by societal conditioning for most of my life.  


I hope that the knowledge and products I continue to share with my clients through Astrobloom by GBD will help them do the same.